CPA (Cost Per Action) is one of the most effective ways to enhance accessibility.

CPA advertising is a promotional way of offering payment after target action execution. CPA (cost per action) is one of the most effective ways to achieve of audience accumulation. One important advantage of this is the lack of risks that are, as a rule, present in the traditional field of Internet-advertising. WowMobile offers advertisers an ideal solution in the field of affiliate marketing. We create unique conditions that allow for greater customer attraction.

We are results-oriented – you pay only for desired actions.

By cooperating with you, together we determine the actions for which our advertisers will pay. These can include:

  • application installs (CPI model)
  • signing up or filling in an application (CPL model)
  • purchase (CPS model)
  • file download (CPD model)
  • ordering in the online shop
  • resource target page visiting
  • viewing commercials

We guarantee you conversion that means you will pay only for results. As CPA-marketing offers payment for specific actions, an advertisers can be certain that their promotion campaign will be productive. This promotion method provides maximum investment profitability.